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Cambridge Pottery Festival - 2010 * Cambridge Pottery Festival - 2011

Artist Statement:

I have never considered myself an artist, but didn't really come to that realization until my abstract painting class. I had to write a paper comparing my work with another abstract artist. In that comparison I found that my artwork had no real meaning and required no skill or talent, therefore, I could not consider it art. The medium of ceramics has long been considered merely a craft, and not a high art form. I am a potter, and draw from many different influences, but have yet to come up with what I would call a truly original thought. Until I can accomplish that, I will continue to consider myself as nothing more than a highly skilled imitator.

I graduated high school in 1994 from Marshall Senior High, in Marshall WI. This is where I first became interested in pottery and ceramics, and found that not only did I enjoy it, but that I found success in the medium. I attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison form 1994-1999 where I received my Bachelors Degree in art education. While at the UW I again found myself spending the majority of my free time in the ceramics studio, taking 18 credits in ceramics. In 2010 I received my Masters Degree in Educational Technologies from Marian University.

In 2000 I began teaching art at New London High School covering all art classes, Art 1-4, and a Folk Art class. 2001 was the first year ceramics was offered, and by 2005 there were 5 classes of ceramics being taught and the need to add another teacher, Mrs. Johnson. Currently I teach Ceramics 1&2, Drawing & Painting, IS-Art 3, AP Studio Art 2-D Design, and AP Studio Art 3-D Design.

Clay is the way.

"Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master" - Leonardo da Vinci

Mr. Smith somewhere in Prague, 2008.
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